Recent Daily Highlights

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  • 19th January 2021

    Light rain throughout most of an overcast day, with a light west-south-westerly wind and temperatures reaching seven degrees C. Three Shelduck flew south during the seawatch, together with 17 Red-throated Divers, 22 Gannets, two Kittiwakes and two Razorbill. The male Black Redstart also re-appeared at the Fog Station, whilst the Thornwick area attracted a Shelduck, 16 Mallard and a Coot.

    Grey Squirrel, South Landing, by Jo Hood (17/1)
  • 18th January 2021

    The weather consisted of moderate south-westerly winds, sunny intervals followed by bright overcast skies and temperatures peaking at five degrees C. The morning seawatch was quiet, although there were indications of increased numbers of Gannets (30) and Razorbills (8), potentially the forerunners of a return to the colony over forthcoming weeks. Wildfowl interest included a Shelduck on Thornwick Pools, 22 Wigeon and a Pink-footed Goose. Passerine interest included nine Mistle Thrush, two Fieldfare, five Redwing and 140 Tree Sparrows.

    Treecreeper, South Landing, by Alan Walkington
  • 17th January 2021

    A bright day, with prolonged sunny intervals, a relatively light north-westerly wind and temperatures reaching five degrees C. A northerly movement of 674 Fulmars was the most noteworthy record from the morning seawatch.

    Another feeding movement of Pink-footed Geese took place, with 570 moving north-west early morning. The outer head also attracted three Woodcock, two Snipe, 60 Redwing, ten Mistle Thrushes, a Fieldfare, 160 Tree Sparrows, 285 Linnets, 56 Yellowhammers and a Lapland Bunting. Notable sightings west of the Dykes included a Short-eared Owl, four Stonechats and a flock of 55 Lapland Buntings.

    Skylark, North Cliffs, by Craig Thomas
  • 16th January 2021

    An overcast start to the day with persistent rain until mid-morning; sunny intervals developed later, when the south-westerly wind gradually abated. Skeins of Pink-footed Geese containing a total of 430 birds flew south late afternoon. Three Long-tailed Ducks remained, whilst five Woodcock represented an influx. A Short-eared Owl hunted the North Cliff top grasslands, with 12 Redwing nearby. Two Nuthatch remained in Sewerby gardens.

    Sanderling, South Dykes, by Alan Walkington
  • 15th January 2021

    Sunshine eventually prevailed after an overcast start; winds were very light and temperatures peaked at five degrees C. Two Velvet Scoters and a Goldeneye flew south during the morning seawatch. Scanning the calm seas off the South Cliffs was rewarded with two Great Northern Divers, 51 Red-throated Divers, ten Great Crested Grebes, 30 Common Scoters, a drake Goldeneye, three Eider and six Long-tailed Ducks. Four Woodcocks were located on the headland, along with 83 Skylark, six Mistle Thrush, six Fieldfare, 32 Redwing, five Stonechat, 122 Linnets, two Siskin and 45 Yellowhammers. Buckton attracted a flock of 40 Lapland Buntings.

    Barn Owl, Lighthouse Road, by Andy Hood
  • 14th January 2021

    The weather consisted of south-east/east winds, persistent rain until early afternoon and temperatures reaching four degrees C. Seawatch highlights included six dark-bellied Brent Geese, a Goldeneye and a Great Northern Diver flying south. Single Woodcock and Short-eared Owl were on the northern fringe of the village, while a Chiffchaff frequented gardens at Hartendale.

    Long-tailed Ducks, South Dykes, by Alan Walkington (12/1)
  • 13th January 2021

    A day of light north-west winds, mainly overcast with occasional sunny intervals and temperatures only reaching two degrees C. A Great Northern Diver proved to be the highlight of the morning seawatch.

    Elsewhere three Pintail flew north, with three Eider and three Long-tailed Ducks sheltering off the South Cliffs. The North Marsh area attracted a Pint-footed Goose amongst the Greylag flock and 22 Wigeon, whilst a Short-eared Owl hunted adjacent grasslands. Three Sanderling and a Ringed Plover frequented South Landing beach. Passerine interest included nine Fieldfare, two male Black Redstarts on the outer head and a Snow Bunting over.

    Black Redstart, outer head, by Alan Walkington
  • 12th January 2021

    A bright day, with prolonged sunny spells, a moderate north-westerly wind and temperatures that reached four degrees C. Seven Eider flew north during the morning’s seawatch, whilst 11 Red-throated Divers and a Bonxie moved south. Two Long-tailed Ducks continued in residence off the South Cliffs and four Red-legged Partridges frequented Beacon Hill. Passerine interest included 15 Redwing, three Stonechat and a Grey Wagtail.

    Turnstone, South Landing, by Jo Hood
  • 11th January 2021

    Another overcast day, with a moderate/strong westerly wind and temperatures edging higher to reach seven degrees C. A Tundra Bean Goose flew east over South Dykes, where a Long-tailed Duck remained offshore and a Sanderling on the beach. Three Treecreepers and a Nuthatch frequented the nearby wooded ravine.

    Stonechat, South Landing, by Brett Richards
  • 10th January 2021

    A relatively cloudy day, with a light/moderate westerly wind and temperatures reaching five degrees C. During the morning seawatch, 35 Red-throated Divers flew south and two ‘northern’ Herring Gulls headed north. In addition, a Great Northern Diver remained on the sea off South Dykes, where the Black Redstart lingered on the beach. Notable sightings on the headland itself included 25 Wigeon, a Woodcock and one Sanderling. Stubbles attracted six Mistle Thrush, 18 Redwing, five Fieldfare, 160 Tree Sparrows, 144 Linnet, 45 Reed Buntings and 105 Yellowhammers.

    Grey Wagtail, South Landing, by Alan Walkington
  • 9th January 2021

    A gloriously sunny day, with a frosty start and temperatures only reaching two degrees C in a very light westerly wind. Such perfect finding conditions resulted in some noteworthy discoveries on the open farmland, including a pair of Red-legged Partridges and two pairs of Grey Partridges, along with a Golden Plover and five Woodcock. Passerine interest included 60 Skylarks, 50 Redwing, eight Fieldfare, seven Mistle Thrush, six Song Thrush, a first-winter Ring Ouzel (ringed in the village), 78 Linnets, 39 Reed Buntings and 184 Yellowhammers.

    Peregrine, Flamborough, by Craig Thomas
  • 8th January 2021

    A day of light/moderate north-easterly winds, sunny intervals preceding increasingly prevalent showers and temperatures that peaked at four degrees C. Sightings between South Landing and South Dykes included 19 Great Crested Grebes, a Great Northern Diver, 13 Common Scoters and six Long-tailed Ducks. Wader interest included the year’s first two Ringed Plovers and a Woodcock. The following passerine totals were also recorded: 21 Redwing, two Fieldfare, a Chiffchaff, Black Redstart (South Dykes), 13 Meadow Pipits, 270 Tree Sparrows, 140 Linnets, 30 Reed Buntings, 120 Yellowhammers and a Lapland Bunting.

    Kestrel, Lighthouse, by Jo Hood
  • 7th January 2021

    A bright day, with a light north-westerly wind and temperatures reaching a mere three degrees C. A Great Northern Diver remained off the South Cliffs, whilst 29 Pink-footed Geese included a skein of 28 birds heading west. Wader interest included six Knot and two Woodcock. A flock of 45 Stock Dove was noteworthy, as were two Redwing, two Fieldfare and the long-staying male Black Redstart. The day’s highlight comprised a flock of 34 Lapland Buntings on the outer head.

    Pink-footed Goose, Oceanview, by Andy Hood
  • 6th January 2021

    A light/moderate north-easterly wind, squally showers and temperatures that reached four degrees C. During the morning seawatch, a Blue Fulmar, five Eiders and three Velvet Scoters flew north. Four Long-tailed Ducks lingered off South Dykes, a Great Northern Diver off South Landing, whilst a Woodcock was flushed from Old Fall. Passerine records included three Fieldfare, 12 Redwing and two Black Redstarts (Fog Station & South Dykes).

    Oystercatcher, South Landing, by Andrew Allport