January – March 2024

A very quiet period, mostly due to the weather as our ringers are constrained by the strength of the wind and frequent rain, with there being very few days suitable for ringing activities.

A total of 12 sessions were held over 3 sites, our main site at South landing and 2 local gardens.

A total of 173 birds were caught, of these 107 were newly ringed with 66 retraps.

The most numerous birds being Blackbirds and Starlings, a single Treecreeper was caught also.

In March 3 Chiffchaff were caught alongside 2 Reed Bunting.

In 2023 only a single Reed Bunting was caught at Flamborough so the 4 caught so far this year is an improvement and shows the benefit our feeding station is having for local farmland birds such as Reed Bunting and Yellowhammer.