Our first full session at South Landing since May saw us put up 7 nets at 5.15am, the early morning drizzle had luckily stopped by then, and the morning was still and overcast.

We had nets up till 10.45am by which time it was warm and sunny, with a steady catch every net round. 

We had a successful morning catching 65 birds of which 57 were new.

Of the 20 species caught it was really rewarding to catch 13 juvenile Common Whitethroat, as well as 2 juvenile Great spotted woodpeckers. 

A number of the warblers we caught were adults who’d already began their post breeding moults, this gave the trainees a good opportunity to practise ‘scoring’ the individual flight feathers for the stage of moult, just one of the many pieces of data collected by the ringers and collated by the British Trust for Ornithology. 

A total of 20 different species were ringed in the session.